The Stop Foreclosure Institute of Moorpark, Ventura County

Don’t Accept A Promissory Note When You Short Sale Your Moorpark Home

Ventura County CA – Many lenders ask for a promissory note on short sales. This is especially true if the lender has Private Mortgage Insurance (also called PMI) that has to approve the short sale. The PMI companies know that … Continue reading →

Moorpark Short Sales: Why Do Bank Negotiators Break The Rules?

Ventura County CA – We had a negotiator at Bank of America try to push us around a little while ago. We’ve studied and analyzed all of the short sale guidelines and rules. This was an FHA loan and therefore … Continue reading →

Moorpark Short Sale Misconception: The Mortgage Forgiveness Law Means That Everyone Gets To Short Sale With No Deficiency

Ventura County CA – I recently heard another so-called short sale expert say that the Federal Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act made it so that everyone gets to short sale with no deficiency The unfortunate news is that this is … Continue reading →

Ventura County Short Sales: How We Overcame The Odds To Make This Short Sale A Success

Ventura County CA – Here is a success story on a short sale that the Stop Foreclosure Institute worked on for a long time. This was a very difficult short sale and it dragged out for over a year. Click … Continue reading →

Buying A Moorpark Short Sales? Make Sure You Have This Person Helping You

Ventura County CA – Thinking of buying a Ventura County Short Sale? The short sale process is difficult to navigate. The first thing you should do it make sure that the agent who has the house for sale knows what … Continue reading →

Will I Have My Wages Garnished After A Moorpark Short Sale?

Ventura County CA – Many people are concerned about a deficiency after a short sale. They are afraid that their bank may garnish all of their wages. It’s scary to think that at any moment your bank could grab every … Continue reading →

Moorpark Short Sales: Another Short Sale Success Story

Ventura County CA – Here is a success story about a short sale that the Stop Foreclosure Institute worked on. We recently closed this short sale and helped the seller avoid a big deficiency judgment. Click here to discover how … Continue reading →

Will My Lender Sue Me If I Do Not Pay Off The Full Amount Owed On My Moorpark Short Sale?

Ventura County CA – Many people are concerned about a potential lawsuit after a short sale. Many people ask us, “My lender just lost $150,000. Aren’t thing going to be angry that they are losing that much money? Won’t they … Continue reading →

Do Banks Want To Do Moorpark Short Sales?

Ventura County CA – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received an email from Elaina. Here is what she had to say. Click here to discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale and avoided foreclosure. “Hi, I am a … Continue reading →

Here’s Proof That Your Bank Actually Wants You To Short Sale Your Moorpark Home

Ventura County CA – A recent article in the Tampa Bay Times shows how much lenders prefer short sales to a foreclosure. It discussed how Bank of America recently came out with new short sale incentives. Bank of America is … Continue reading →

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Chris B Johnson specializes in short sales in Moorpark .I am your Moorpark Short Sale Specialist Realtor and Moorpark loan modification and distressed property expert. This article and content is for general informational purposes and may not be accurate. This should not be taken as legal advice, technical or tax advice under any circumstance. Seek legal advise and representation in all legal matters.

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