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If you or someone you know is being weighed down by an unmanageable mortgage, the key to getting through is educating yourself on the options.

Unfortunately, there is so much information (and misinformation) out there that telling the myth from the reality can be difficult. I’ve created a free report designed to help you distinguish between the fact and fiction and it is available for you to download right here on this website.
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Prior to 2007, short sales were NOT very appealing to home owners in hardship due to the fact that the borrower could be liable to pay taxes on any money forgiven by their lender.  The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act came to be law on December 20th, 2007.  This important act was great news and gave most home owners in hardship the chance to sell their property as a short sale, and NOT be have to pay income taxes on the money forgiven them by their lender.

Unfortunately, this act is set to expire in just a few months at the end of 2012.  Unless it is miraculously extended here at the 11th hour, home owners who do a short sale next year may be liable to pay taxes on the money forgiven them by their lender.  If you or any friends or family owe more than the value of your property and have been interested in doing a short sale, this may be your last chance.  Considering the fact that short sales take several months to process and close, it is important to take action now.

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Recently, people all over the Ventura County have been dealing with financial hardships. Loss of employment and poor mortgages are increasing among other things. Sadly, over one out of every three home owners’ debt dominates over the value of the home or feels obligated to dish out money that they do not have in order to close if having to sell their property. In some areas of the country, one out of every five home owners is delinquent in their mortgage payments. If you have found yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to sell your property, you are not alone. As a short sale specialist who is well experienced in getting homeowners out of your situation, I am here to inform you about all of the options at hand for you and offer you assistance at no cost. With my help, you can save your credit, dodge a California foreclosure and be off to a new start.

What exactly is a Moorpark “short sale” in Real Estate?

The term short sale is used to explain a transaction that often happens in real estate when a lender makes the decision to take a lower pay off amount on a loan rather than what is owed to their property. When a California short sale transaction takes place, the borrower will owe more on their loans and liens than what their property is worth at its current market value. Furthermore, a lender will usually only agree to a Ventura County Short Sale when the borrower can provide evidence that they are in some type of hardship.

How do I qualify for a California short sale?

Since lenders have become more permissive in recent times, there typically are three qualifications required for a Ventura County short sale. Financial hardship such as: loss of employment or income, divorce or separation, relocation or job transfer, property in need of repairs without resources to make repairs, major sickness and medical expenses, death of a family member, vacant rental properties, etc. The proceeds of the sale of the property, after all closing costs are paid, are less than the amount currently owed on the home. And lastly, Financial Insolvency (no other major assets).

What are the benefits to a Moorpark CA short sale?

A major beneficial aspect to short selling your home is that it will usually bounce back within two years, which will admit you the time to pay off old debt and establish your credit once again and qualify for loans. Your credit history will simply read “settled in full” or “paid as negotiated” it will not represent “short sale”. A short sale is not an actual item on your credit so it will usually not affect any future employment whereas a  Moorpark foreclosure keeps its title while potentially turning away employers, or even sacrificing your current job title. Whenever a California homeowner is potentially facing a foreclosure, it is best to ensure that all research is done and professionals are reached. In the event of choosing a short sale, a Moorpark short sale specialist is the correct answer to your worries. A qualified and highly trained short sale Realtor will guide you through the steps of the Ventura County short sale process while handling all negotiations on your behalf.

Can my current Moorpark short sale Realtor® help me?

SITEAREA Short Sale RealtorYou will need to examine a question like this carefully. Short sales are specifically designed to be under management by experienced short sale Realtors who have many short sales completed under their belt and the evidence to show it. There may be short sale Realtors who claim that they themselves can take on a Moorpark short sale, but it’s very critical to examine their proofs to those claims. It would be devastating to start a short sale only to witness rejection simply because of an incompetent Realtor who boasted of having the ability to bring you to a successful completion of your short sale. As you are looking for a Ventura County short sale specialist, make sure you have a list of questions you would like them to answer and be sure you feel completely comfortable with them. It is important to have proper training; however, I do believe there is no substitute for experience. A weekend training course does not make somebody an expert in short sales. I am a short sale specialist and can offer you no cost assistance to guide you in the short sale process.

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